Private Referrals


  • If your GP decides that you need to see a specialist / consultant, please let them know if you would like to be seen privately.
  • Please provide your GP with the consultant’s name and hospital address so that a referral letter can be written.
  • The referral letter will be ready in 1 week for you to collect from reception, unless your GP decides that you need to be seen by the consultant more urgently.
  • The appointment with the private consultant will have to be arranged by you.

Any investigations or treatment instigated by your private consultant should be done privately and NOT on the NHS. This includes the issue of prescriptions for medication advised by your private consultant.

The practice will only issue any medication recommended by your private consultant with a private prescription. This means that you pay the full cost (unsubsidised) of the medication to the Pharmacy. However, we will not charge a fee for issuing the private prescription .